my one last note.
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Assalamualaikum and good eve. apa khabar semua ? baru macam melayu kan ? haha. so lately bila petang petang panas sangat. rasa macam nak naked je dalam rumah. but its okay, sabar. hee i just wanna share with you readers about apa yang aku selalu buat waktu petang. yes yes, i got a new job. err apparently its not a job, but a duty i guess. haha i dont care. this job coincidence aku buat sama sama dengan Ali. we were guarding the pokok kwinin from the monkey. yeay :D haha asalkan dapat makan buah kwinin. kan ali kan? em actually ive been so different. as usual i always make ppl happy, making jokes, laughing, doing silly things. all i do is enjoying the life. but not anymore. now i become so weak, so stressful, doesnt laugh much, awkward with jokes, easy to cry, i lost my troll attitude. easy to get angry and cant control my range. too sensitive over something. my life become so ridiculous. its all because of this one thing. adam, kenapa you macam ni ? i tak nak you jadi macam ni. im not throwing you away from me. i dont want you to forget me. we can be friends adam. its not like our relationship is over, you and i will never be friend again. dont be too tacky adam. although allah pisahkan kita tak semestinya kita dah tak boleh berkawan. why you be so cold adam? i know you hurt so much. you bear all the pain by yourself. but doesnt mean you have to push yourself away from me. you know how hurt i am when you decided to go away? have you ever think about that? 

adam will never go away from me if fyra doesnt making up any stories, bad mouthing me. arghh i just hate her! totally hate that hoe so much! hm, how much i wish, adam can control his anger and tak buat ibu macam tu so we both can still be anak ibu. i was so happy and ibu also was so happy when you be her son. her only son. but because of that shits everything was ruin. in just a matter of second. i want everything back to normal. although we are no longer together. i used to say that your laugh was my fav sound. when im with you, i always make jokes and sometimes you will throw all your big laugh over me when im doing/saying weird things. i miss you calling me sengal/senget. i miss all of that and i know it cant never be happen again. adam, i hope you will have a better life. moving on was your choice. me? i will never do that. so i hope you will have a better girl and dont you ever be a playboy. i know you are a good man. a good son and a good brother and soon you will be a good employer a good husband and a good father. i dont know if you are reading this or not but i hope you read this because this is my one last note for you. Adam Danielle, achieve the things what you think is right for you. never look back to your past, like me because i know your present will be extraordinary than this. and i hope you will never forget about me, my jokes, my telatah, my manja and my mengada when im with you. and dont forget to laugh more often cus it makes me feel alive. but not anymore kan ? you were so insisted to go and forgetting me. but its okay :') i trust allah. there will be a hikmah behind this. farewell Adam. you are one of the best memory i will remember till my old days. and i promise, i will tell my child about our love story one day :')

ahh, so much tears. i better go. till then. 

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