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Assalamualaikum & good night people. its been sucha a moment after my long lost life. i think i still lost in the world with so many uneven circumstances. circumstances that can rise you up or wreck you up. mine were both. i dont know how im gonna live a proper life. i eat too much. i cry too much. i laugh too much. i hurt too much. how im gonna have a good life with tears, impermanent happiness. i hope if i made mistakes, i can conceal them. i always hope that Allah will clear my mind. sometimes i also hope that for once, like now, He takes all burden away. get my mind at peace and never bother me with some shit bothersome that i hate the most! this year was like a challenging year to me. get to know people more. having some difficulties. "killed" my own enemy by myself. watch more movies. what the heck in this world where people can live their life in a cloud nine. damn i just want it to happen. next year gonna be tougher. getting far from my favorite people. isolate myself from people. eat a lot. earn nothing? i guess. but i have to make it through thick and thin for my one and only reason to live, my mom. she's everything to me. she just endure everything regardless of anything. she just my most superb woman. i just hope a better life will come dancing in front of me and i will join that better life and waltzing with em'. it just feels fantastic, lunatic and realistic! im looking forward to that moment. in shaa allah. amin! and #teamspm all the best! #mnf. nail it bro!

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